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Live the life of the mighty Aquila, the King of All Eagles!.. well, or just the largest of them. Chill high in the sky or blaze right above the ground.

1) Hold Left key/mouse-button to fold the left wing. Release to flap.
2) Hold Right key/mouse-button to fold the right wing. Release to flap.

Use Left and Right to:
- climb higher
- soar
- steer
- drop

And basically just enjoy the view and yourself.

This was a jam submission by the SixGoJams team for the LD#34.
SixGoJams this time was @gerodrus, @freakyzelga, @aprotasenya and @coauctor.


Aquila.0.2.x64.zip 21 MB
Aquila_0.2_src.zip 75 MB

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