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Rules and Controls – below!

TASOGEM is a prototype created by @aprotasenya during the ProcJam 2014. The main idea behind the development was to make a thing in Unity3d and - completely solo (so, please, bear with designer/prototyper art).


This is a tactical 2-player hotseat:

  1. every turn a player has a base of 5 unit moves, 1 unit attack and 1 tile move, which they use to manipulate their teams' units and field's tiles;
  2. units can be moved and ordered to attack other team's units;
  3. a tile can be lifted and lowered, which should be used for the tactical battle purposes (just try and see what you can get out of it);
  4. extra moves/attacks can be earned by placing the units on red (+1 unit attack) or green (+1 tile move) tiles – these are dynamical across the turn, so use it to your advantage, but remember you can't have more bonus than you have units;
  5. you win through exterminating the opponent's team.


  • use mouse for unit/tile/UI interactions;
  • use WASD/Arrows + mouse wheel for camera movement and zoom;
  • use R key for the reboot

Careful! The R key would reboot the game instantly without further confirmations! So only use it after your match is over or if you really hate the current map/match.


Tasogem v0.1 (x86).zip 7 MB
Tasogem v0.1 (x64).zip 9 MB